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Wednesday, 30 July 2014
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strengthening schools and congregations

ImageThanks for visiting our website.  The "Strengthening Schools and Congregations" project ... or SSAC ... is designed to strengthen and re-vitalize Lutheran schools so that God’s children will be well served and His kingdom expanded.  For info on the SSAC project, choose a link from the main menu (right).

It is assumed that as schools are strengthened in their ministry, so the congregations and their ministry will also be strengthened.  The focus of the SSAC project is on the school and its ministry.

SSAC surveys

When your school has been approved for a SSAC diagnostic visit, a team of consultants will meet with church and school leaders, staff, and parents to gather information toward school improvement.  

ImageAs part of the SSAC diagnostic process, we ask you to complete a comprehensive 40-question survey prior to the visit; the questions relate to many aspects of the school life.  Your responses will identify the strengths of the school and may identify some challenges and opportunities that you feel need to be addressed in the school's strategic plan.  This information is valuable to our advance preparation … we appreciate your honest feedback.

The SSAC consultant assigned to your school will provide you with information on the school surveys.